How to Keep Your Toilet Running Well

Nothing is worse that when your toilet stops flushing. To make matters worse, these problem often happen when you’re running late and don’t have time to deal with an overflow mess. The good news is that this doesn’t have to happen to you. Most toilet issues are completely avoidable. Check out these tips for keeping your toilet clog-free and flushing well.

Stop Using 3-ply Toilet Paper

Just because manufacturers make this kind of toilet paper doesn’t mean it’s good for your drainage system. In fact, it’s probably one of the worse things you can do for your system. We recommend sticking with one or two-ply toilet paper. It takes less time to breakdown in the water and is less likely to cause massive clogs.

Use Less Toilet Paper

We don’t want to cross lines by discussing bathroom habits too frankly, but here’s the deal. Most people use too much toilet paper at one time. If you need to use more than one or two squares, then you might need a couple flushes to finish up.

Nix the Cleansing Wipes

If you use cleansing wipes, throw them away in the trash can. The same goes for baby wipes. These products are packaged in packaging that states they’re biodegradable. While this might be true, they don’t breakdown fast enough like toilet paper does. Therefore, they stay in the pipes longer and are more likely to trap waste as it floats by. Eventually, this leads to clogs.

Stop Using Liquid Drain Cleaner

When plunging doesn’t relieve a clog, don’t reach for liquid drain cleaner. Chemical solutions for clearing clogs is never a good idea. Using chemicals again and again can cause your pipes to corrode and develop pinhole leaks.

Additionally, if you continuously need the liquid drain cleaner, then it’s likely you have a bigger problem than a clog. There could be an issue in the sewer pipe that needs your attention.

Replace Interior Plumbing Parts

Clogs aren’t the only problems that affect toilets. Another issue is something called ghost flushing. Have you ever heard your toilet flush on its own? That’s ghost flushing. It’s caused by a leak between the bowl and the tank. Toilets that run non-stop also have this problem.

Luckily, fixing these types of toilet leaks is super simple. Go to the hardware store and purchase an interior toilet part kit for less than $20. Follow the directions on the pack and replace the damaged flapper, chain, or flush-valve to get your toilet to stop leaking right away.

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