3 Usual Residential Toilet Problems

Your toilet is an important part of the home plumbing system. It’s also the part that gets taken for granted. Be truthful. You don’t really give much thought to the toilet unless it stops working. When it starts acting up, that’s when you realize you need a plunger or an experienced plumber.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the common problems that affect residential toilets and what you can do to correct them.

Leaky Toilet  Seals

Most toilets have at least 5 seals, all of which have the potential to leak at any time. The most common toilet seal leak is the one between the tank and the bowl.  When this seal breaks, water might shoot up every time you flush.

To replace this seal, you’ll need to drain and uninstall the tank. For better access, turn the toilet upside down. Next, remove the damaged seal and replace with a new one.

Another seal that wears out is the wax seal under the toilet base. A leaky wax seal can flood the floor and cause flooring damage. To repair this, you  need to remove the entire toilet and then replace the seal. For this repair, it’s better to hire a plumber in Summerlin. You don’t want to drop the toilet or reinstall it incorrectly.

Toilet Won’t Flush

The last thing you want is a dirty toilet bowl. To repair this issue, check the flush handle. Is it too loose or too tight? If so, you a wrench to set it correctly.

If the handle is fine, check the lift chain. Is it attached to the flapper and the lift arm? Sometimes you need to untangle the chain or readjust it to get it to work well. In some cases, the chain may be broken or corroded. Replacing the chain is a good idea.

Ghost Flushing

Do you ever hear your toilet refill spontaneously as though someone just flushed it. We often refer to this issue as a ghost flush. This flushing problem indicates a low leak from the tank into the bowl and is always associated with a bad flapper or a flapper seat.

To repair it, drain the toilet’s tank and bowl. Next, replace the flapper. Interior toilet parts tend to wear out more often because of wear and tear. Fortunately, these parts aren’t expensive and readily available at your local hardware store.

These are just some of the main problems homeowners have with their toilets and they can be fixed with simple repairs and regular maintenance. For other issues and damage that isn’t so easily fixed, it’s best to call for a plumbing service in Summerlin, NV.

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